Great Green Questions

Is being vegan the only way to save the planet?

Episode Summary

A lighthearted and witty exploration of some of the big questions that come up when trying to 'walk the green line'. Helping us tackle the question: "Is being vegan the only way to save the planet?" is Dr Tara Garnett, Director of Table, which sets out the evidence, assumptions, and values underpinning different viewpoints on food systems controversies, Marcus Brigstocke, comedian, actor and satirist, and Guy Singh-Watson, British farmer and founder of Riverford Organics. Hosted by Juliet Davenport, climate scientist, renewable pioneer, businesswoman, environmental activist and founder of the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supplier, this podcast invites a panel of comedians and experts to tackle some of the common (and quirky!) questions that pop to mind when trying to live a greener life. Topics covered: - How livestock product production and consumption relate to issues around the environment, nutrition, and animal welfare - The impact of vegan alternatives - The ‘’tyranny of choice” and whether our click and collect culture is damaging us further - The effect our eating habits have in relation to global overconsumption and global health - Joining the dots between agro business and the environment - Where is our health in all this? - Can we even farm without animals? Great Green Questions is powered by Good Energy and produced by Mags Creative, with curation from Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking.